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American Contractors Exam Services: Math for Contractors

1-Hour Course

Strong math skills are essential for anyone involved in construction.  Proper estimating begins with math and is based on many basic principles, concepts and formulas.  The basics are covered in this learning module and will most certainly benefit anyone from the novice to the seasoned professional.  Topics include:   

  • Converting Inches to feet
  • Masonry Units
  • Concrete and Dirt (Cubic Yards)
  • Backfill
  • Cylindrical volumes
  • Area (Square Feet

Math for Contractors

American Contractors Exam Services: Roofing for Contractors

2-Hour Course

The purpose of this learning module is to provide an overview of what many believe is the most difficult concept of the construction process: roofing.  Performing math calculations for roofing is often difficult and many mistakes are common during this process of construction. This task will become much easier after working your way through the steps provided in this learning module.  Animated illustrations are used to simplify the more difficult areas of this subject.  Topics include:

  • Calculate rafters, hip valleys, and hip rafters
  • Calculate roof coverings
  • Understand the framing components of a roof
  • Review the main roof covering types
  • Review the different types of roofs
  • And much more


American Contractors Exam Services: National Electrical Code for HVAC

1-Hour Course

The purpose of this lesson is to provide the student with a thorough understanding of  how National Electrical Code applies to the installation of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning components.   Topics reviewed during this course include, wiring methods and materials, overcurrent protection, and disconnecting means. 


American Contractors Exam Services: Heat Pumps

1-Hour Course

The purpose of this learning module is to provide an overview of the fundamental operations of a heat pump; both air-to-air and geothermal. A basic understanding of "how" this equipment functions is the foundation on which all installation and service knowledge has been developed.

Topics Include: 

  • components
  • heating and cooling cycles
  • installation
  • basic maintenance and troubleshooting

Heat Pumps

American Contractors Exam Services: Basic Electricity

1-Hour Course

The purpose of this learning module is to provide general knowledge of how electricity is produced and distributed to and throughout our homes. Animated illustrations are used to enhance each segment to simplify any unfamiliar areas.

Topics Include: 

  • converting coal into energy
  • service entrance to panel board
  • stypes of circuit breakers
  • basic wiring

Basic Electricity


American Contractors Exam Services: Personal Protective Equipment

1-Hour Course

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a thorough understanding of the OSHA requirements for Personal Protective Equipment.  This course is ideal for both the employee and the employer as both are responsible for compliance.   Topics reviewed during this class include: assessment of PPE needs, hardhats, gloves, goggles, hearing protection. 


American Contractors Exam Services: OSHA Administration

1-Hour Course

Job site safety is very important in today’s construction industry and OSHA is beginning to focus more on Home Builders.  A basic assessment of the jobsite and company policy will bring most contractors into compliance and prevent future injuries and possible fatalities.  Safe jobsites improve the bottom line by reducing workers’ comp rates, loss of production time and possible law suits.  This learning module will cover topics such as:

  • Assessing Job site hazards
  • Personal Protective equipment
  • Workplace surveys
  • Jobsite safety criteria
  • Training
  • Record keeping

OSHA Admin


American Contractors Exam Services: Project Management

1-Hour Course

Understanding the basic principles of Project Management is essential to effective home building.  Scheduling, estimating and planning is critical to the endeavor of brining a project in on time and within budget.  This learning module provides a basis for proper Project Management and focuses on:

  • Job responsibilities
  • Plans and Specs
  • Estimating
  • Job Cost Records
  • Cost Control
  • Construction Contracts

project management

American Contractors Exam Services: Accounting

1-Hour Course

The purpose of this learning module is to introduce the contractor to the basic concepts of bookkeeping and accounting.  While the terms are often used interchangeable, there is a distinct difference in the two terms.  While bookkeeping is concerned with recording data in a certain manner, accounting is more concerned with presenting that data in a prescribed standardized way.  Topics include:

  • Understanding Accounting principles
  • Accrual basis versus cash basis
  • Profit and Loss statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Income Statements
  • Chart of Accounts


American Contractors Exam Services: Contracts

1-Hour Course

Understanding the components of a contract is essential to the success of any contractor. This course takes an objective approach to writing a clear and concise contract so that everyone is happy and protected.

American Contractors Exam Services: Fair Labor Standards act (FLSA)

1-Hour Course

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act. (FLSA)  Deciding whether an employee is hired on a salary or hourly basis requires more thought than most employers know.  The misconceptions and misunderstanding of this act have led to thousands of dollars being assessed to large and small businesses and sometimes lead to their financial downfall.  This course should prevent this by providing enough information for the employer to make wise decisions.