Virginia 8 Hour Pre-Licensing Course (ONLINE)
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Effective August 21, 2006, the Designated Employee or a member of Responsible Management of all contractors applying for initial licensure (for an entity that is not currently licensed) must successfully complete an 8-hour business class approved by the Board for Contractors.

This applies to Class-A, Class-B & Class-C Contractors. (Please note that individuals applying for a Class C license; A Owner/Officer/Partner of the Company must be the person to take the required 8-hour Business Course required by the Board.)

Scope of Work:

Individuals applying for a Class C license: An Owner/Officer/Partner of the Company must be the person to take the required 8-hour Pre-Licensing Course required by the Board.

This 8-hr pre-licensing course applies to Class-A, Class-B & Class-C Contractors.


There is not an initial application needed, before passing the required Pre-Licensing Course.

Once you have successfully completed an 8 hour business course contact: Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation at (804) 367-8511


There is no reciprocity for this Virginia Pre-Licensing Continuing Education course.


Since this is a Pre-Licensing requirement, there are no Continuing Education requirements associated with it.


There is no examination required. Upon completion of this Pre-Licensing online-course, you will print a certificate. American Contractors will submit your successful completion to the DPOR in Richmond. You will need to send a copy of this certificate with your completed license application.

The Pre-Licensing course content is as follows:

  • An Overview of Financial Statements
  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Income Statement
  • The Statement of Cash Flows
  • Realizing the Relationship between Statements
  • Calculations for Bids
  • Margin versus Markup
  • Overhead and Profit Margins
  • Labor Laws
  • Lien Laws
  • Licensing Laws of Virginia
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Virginia's Payment of Wage Law
  • Students will leave this course with a better understanding of Virginia's expectations of its contractors and a Certification stating they have met the State Licensing Board requirements.

  • References:

    No references are required for this course, however the Virginia Business and Project Management book will be of immense value to students.


    American Contractors offers the Virginia required 8-hr Pre-Licensing course both online and in a Live classroom setting.

      Seminar Price: $89.00  
    Now you can signup online! Click here to signup 

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