We offer the approved references for the Nevada (C-2a) Electrical Wiring Contractor License examination.


SCOPE OF WORK COVERED: This license allows the installation, alteration and repair of electrical wires, fixtures, appliances and apparatuses, and the performance of any related wiring on existing structures.

PRE-APPROVAL: Applicants must submit an application to the state licensing board to obtain approval before being eligible to take the exam.

BUSINESS AND LAW: Applicants are required to pass both the trade exam and the Management Survey Exam (Business and Law Exam) in order to obtain a license.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Applicants must be able to document a minimum of four (4) years of experience within the past 10 years to qualify for a license. This experience must be as a Journeyman, foreman, supervising employee or contractor. Education may be used to satisfy a portion of the required experience. Applicants must also submit 4 reference certificates concerning their work experience and submit to a background check.

FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS: All applicants must submit current financial statements to the state licensing board. Monetary limits are set based on financial standing. If seeking a financial limit less than $1,000,000 the statement must be compiled, reviewed or audited by a CPA, self-prepared on a form provided by the Board, or using accounting software and accompanied by an affidavit. When seeking a monetary limit of $1,000,000 or more, the financial statement must be reviewed and audited by a CPA.

EXAM DETAILS: PSI Licensure Certification administers the exam. It is a semi open-book, timed test with 60 questions and a 2.5-hour time limit. A score of at least 70% (40 correct) is required to pass the exam. The exam fee is $85 for a single exam and $130 for one trade exam plus the Contractor Management Survey Exam. If the test is failed three times the applicant must begin the application process over and reapply directly to the Nevada State Contractors’ Board.

EXAM CONTENT: General Electrical Knowledge Service, Feeders and Branch Circuits Grounding and Bonding Conductors and Cables Raceways and Boxes Special Occupancies and Equipment Electrical Power Motors Low Voltage Lighting Illuminated Signs Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Safety Information

BOND / INSURANCE: All contractors are required to obtain a bond. The amount of the bond ($1,000 - $500,000) is determined by the board based on license type, monetary limit, past, present, and future financial responsibility, experience and character of the applicant. It is possible to use a cash deposit that is held by the board, with a yearly $100 fee, in place of a bond. All contractors are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance.

LICENSING FEE: The application/licensing fee is $600.00 ($300 application fee and $300 licensing fee).

PROCESSING TIME: It takes approximately 2 weeks to receive an approval letter after submitting your application to the board. However, processing times vary depending on the time required to verify experience, financial statements, references and completing background checks.

RECIPROCITY: The state of Nevada has a reciprocity agreement with California, Arizona, and Utah. There is no reciprocity for the plumbing and electrical trades. Applicants must have at least 7 years of experience and meet all licensing requirements.

***IMPORTANT REFERENCE MATERIAL INFORMATION*** All of the books and documents listed were used to create the exam and are needed to prepare for the exam. However, a limited number are actually allowed into the exam room on test day. The following books ARE allowed into the exam: National Electrical Code, 1999 NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code, 2002

We currently do not offer a seminar for this license. Our website is updated frequently; please come back. For more information regarding this license, please contact our office at 1-800-992-1910.

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