West Virginia Sprinkler and Fire Protection Contractor
  • The first step in the licensing process is to pass all required exams. Once the exams are passed, then you submit an application to the State Licensing Board.
  • The Business and Law exam is required as well as the trade exam.
  • There are no State mandated minimum experience requirements for this license.
  • There are no State mandated financial requirements except for the Wage Bond.
  • The Licensing application fee is $90.00.
  • All types of contractors are required to carry Workers Compensation Insurance and Unemployment Insurance. Applicants who have NOT been actively and actually engaged in construction work in West Virginia for the past 5 consecutive years must obtain a Wage Bond covering all employee salaries for four weeks at full production.

    Exceptions to the Wage Bond requirement are contractors that are only performing Residential work and those who have been actively engaged in construction work in West Virginia for the past 5 consecutive years.

Scope of Work: Sprinklers and Fire Protection Contractor means a contractor engaged in the installation, repair or maintenance of fire suppression systems, including water sprinklers and chemical systems, and work incidental to the installation or repair.

West Virginia Division of Labor

Contractor Licensing Board at (304) 558-7890.

West Virginia Division of Labor

Contractor Licensing Board

State Capital Complex, Bldg. 9, Rm. 749

Charleston, WV 25305br

To apply for an examination:



200 Association Drive, Suite 190

Charleston, WV 25311

866-720-7768 or 304-414-0190 Ext.4 (Locally)

Reciprocity: West Virginia has no reciprocity agreements in place for this license.
West Virginia does not any require Continuing Education for this license at this time.
  • Prov administers the exam and a score of 70% is required.
  • Business and Law is required.
  • It is an open book timed test with 80 questions and a 3-hour time limit.
  • The exam fee is $51.95 per exam.
  • To schedule an exam please contact PROV at 866-720-7768
  • Out of state testing is available for an additional fee (call Prov for locations).
  • Exam topics include: Code and General Knowledge, Sprinkler Systems, Water Supply, Storage and Distribution, Materials and Methods, Private Hydrants and Stand Pipe Systems and Commercial Kitchen Equipment.


    The references listed in the Right-Hand column are permitted into the exam and they are available to purchase by calling 800-992-1910 or from our online bookstore . References may be highlighted and tabbed (with permanent index tabs) prior to testing.

    Training: American Contractors does not currently offer a preparation class for the Sprinkler and Fire Protection Contractor exam. We do however carry many of the needed references materials and do offer a preparation seminar for the Business Law exam. Please contact us for more information.

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