West Virginia Electrician Apprentice
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Pre-Approval is required.  Applicants must submit an application to the State Fire Marshal’s Office to gain approval to take the exam.

Business and Law is not required.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old

There are no state mandated financial requirements for this license.

Scope of Work:

An apprentice is also known as a “helper” and they are qualified to perform electrical work but MUST be supervised at all times by a Journeyman or Master Electrician. (A licensed apprentice is not authorized to perform electrical work unsupervised at any given time).

To apply for an Electricians License or to schedule for and Electrician's exam, contact:

State Fire Commission
Office of the State Fire Marshal
Regulatory and Licensing Division
1207 Quarrier St. 2nd floor
Charleston, WV 25301
Reciprocity: There is no reciprocity agreement for this license
West Virginia does not require Continuing Education at this time.

The exam is given by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

There are several preset dates and locations for these exams throughout the year.

The exam is 20 multiple-choice questions with a 4-hour time limit for the test. The exam fee is $10.

The multiple-choice test is derived from the first four chapters testing edition of the NEC.

The references listed in the Right-Hand column are permitted in to the exam and they are available to purchase by calling 800-992-1910 or from our online bookstore.
Training: American Contractors offers a one day seminar to prepare for the West Virginia Apprentice Electrician exam. We also sell tabbed & highlighted Code books to assist you in passing the exam. Please call 800-992-1910 for more information or to register with a Customer Care Associate.
  Seminar Price: $212.00  
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