CONTRACTORS: Construction work on all types is regulated at the state level by registration.

HIGHWAY CONTRACTOR: You must prequalify to bid on highway work by submitting experience and a financial statement. There is no fee. Prequalification must be renewed annually. Average processing time is 30 days.

GENERAL AND SPECIALTY CONTRACTORS: No exam is required. Must carry liability insurance in the amount of 250,000. Cash deposits or surety bonds are also required. $12,000 for General Contractors and $6,000 for Specialty Contractors.

ELECTRICAL: Trade exams are required for Electricians, Electrical Administrators, and Master Electricians. Preapproval is required for these exams by the state. Electrical Contractors must have $4,000 bond. Telecommunications Contractors must have $170,000 in liability insurance. continuing education is required for license renewal for electricains, administrators, and master electricians (except for telecom administrators).

PLUMBING: trade exams are required for Specialty and journeyman Plumbers. All plumbing must be conducted through registered contractors. Experience requirements are 6,000 hours for Residential Specialty and 8,000 hours, of which 4,000 must be commercial, for Journeyman. Backflow Specialty requires an active BAT card.


ELECTRICAL: Reciprocal agreements exist with Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

PLUMBING: Reciprocal agreements exist with Oregon and Montana. A "Transfer of License" agreement exists with Montana.

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