UTAH BUSINESS AND LAW American Conctractors is now offering a Utah Business and Law and Management Home Study guide. This study guide is a companion to the Utah Contractors Reference manual, NASCLA edition. Using this book will greatly improve your chances of passing the Utah Business and Law exam.

SCOPE OF WORK COVERED: All types of Contractors must take this exam. This license can stand-alone as the only exam needed for some smaller Specialty Licenses that do not require an additional trade exam. All other Contractor applicants are required to pass this exam in addition to their trade exam in order to obtain a Contractors license. The list of Specialty Licenses that be obtained by taking the Business and Law Exam only is outlined below.

PRE-APPROVAL: The first step in the licensure process is to pass the required exams. Pre-approval is not required.

REQUIREMENTS: All Financial Requirements, Experience Requirements, Application Fees, and Application Processing Information can be found listed with each trade.

EXAM DETAILS: EFFECTIVE January 2008 -The test is given by PSI. The Utah Business and Law exam is an open-book exam and consists of 60 multiple-choice questions with a two-hour time limit. A score of at least 70% is required to pass. The exam fee is $72. If an exam is failed, candidates must wait at least 30 days before retaking that exam. Three attempts are allowed for each exam. After three attempts, candidates must wait 6 months before retaking exam.

EXAM CONTENT: Business Organization Licensing Estimating & Bidding Contract Management Project Management Labor Laws Lien Laws Financial Management Risk Management Tax Laws Safety

RECIPROCITY: Utah offers no reciprocity for this exam. All applicants obtaining a trade license through reciprocity will still be required to pass the Business and Law Exam.

SPECIALTY LICENSES REQUIRING THE BUSINESS AND LAW EXAM ONLY: S211 Boiler Installation Contractor S214 Water Conditioning Equipment Contractor S221 Cabinet, Millwork and Countertop Installation Contractor S231 Raingutter Installation Contractor S261 Concrete Form Setting and Shoring Contractor S262 Gunite and Pressure Grouting Contractor S263 Cementations Coating Systems, Re-surfacing and Sealing Contractor S272 Ceiling Grid Systems, Ceiling Tile S273 Metal and Non-bearing Wall Partitions Contractor S291 Stone Masonry Contractor S292 Terrazzo Contractor S294 Cultured Marble Contractor S322 Metal Building Erection Contractor S323 Structural Stud Erection Contractor S352 Evaporative Cooling Contractor S400 Asphalt Paving Contractor S420 General Fencing and Guardrail Contractor S421 Residential Fencing Contractor S430 Metal Firebox and Fuel Burning Stove Installation Contractor S441 Non-Electrical Outdoor Advertising Sign Contractor S460 Wrecking and Demolition Contractor S470 Petroleum System Contractor S480 Piers and Foundations Contractor S491 Laminate Floor Installation Contractor S500 Sports and Athletic Courts, Running Track, and Playground Installation Contractor

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