Louisiana Heavy Construction Contractor

The Louisiana Business and Law examination is required for licensure as a heavy construction contractor in the State of Louisiana. The applicant must take and pass Louisiana's Business and Law examination prior to being issued a license.

An application form may be downloaded for completion at target="_blank">Louisiana Board A licensing application package can be also obtained from and filed with:

State Licensing Board for Contractors Post Office Box 14419 Baton Rouge, LA 70898-4419 Applications & Examining Fax: (225) 765-2690 Main Phone: (225) 765-2301 or by e-mail at (commercial application) or (residential application).

Scope of Work:

The classification of Heavy Construction includes the work of the following sub-classifications: Clearing, grubbing and snagging; dams, reservoirs and flood control work other than levees; dredging; electrical transmission lines; fencing; foundations and pile driving; industrial piping; industrial plants; industrial ventilation; landscaping, grading and beautification; oil field construction; oil refineries; railroads; transmission pipeline construction; tunnels; wharves, docks, harbor improvements and terminals. All persons who desire to become licensed as a heavy construction contractor shall make application to the board on a form adopted by the board and shall state the classification of work the applicant desires to perform from a list of major classifications.


State Licensing Board for Contractors 
Post Office Box 14419 
Baton Rouge, LA 70898 



The Board has formal written reciprocal agreements with the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Utah. The Business and Law examination cannot be waived for out-of-state contractors. However, reciprocity is not automatic, applications will be considered individually.

Contact the State of Louisiana for Continuing Education requirements.

Examinations will not be scheduled unless you submit your qualifying party application and required documentation. Exams are given three days a week, Tuesday through Thursday. If you fail to appear for your exam on the assigned date, you will be required to submit a written application to reschedule and pay a $100 forfeit fee before you are assigned a new date. The exam is made up of 80 multiple-choice questions which are equally weighted; you will have four hours to complete this examination.

A candidate may request three dates upon which he or she will be available to take the examination. An attempt will be made to accommodate the candidate. New applicants for licensure will be given priority in scheduling. Fees: The total fee for examination and licensing is $265 ($100 for license classification, $25 transaction fee, $40 per person Business and Law study guide fee and $100 examination/verification fee).

The Business and Law examination will continue to be administered at no additional charge (one time only) if it is taken by a qualifying party on the same day as a written trade examination.


References: The references listed are recommended for study and preparation for the Louisiana Heavy Construction exam. Please call for more information. 800-992-1910
Training: American Contractors does not offer a seminar for the Louisiana Heavy Construction Contractor. We do carry all the references to help prepare for the exam. Please contact us for more information.

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