Louisiana Electrical Contractor
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Any person, firm, partnership, co-partnership, association, corporation, or other organization bidding on or performing a job in the amount of $50,000 or more, the majority of which job is classified as V. Electrical Work or Vl. Mechanical Work, the licensee shall hold the major classification or subdivision thereunder of electrical work or mechanical work as the case may be.

1. On all jobs involving mechanical or electrical work the board shall consider the monetary value of the electrical or mechanical material and/or equipment furnished by the owner or builder, if any, in determining the amount of electrical or mechanical work involved.

2. The board recognizes all local ordinances and codes regulating the licensing of electrical and mechanical contractors. All persons who desire to become licensed as an electrical contractor shall make application to the board on a form adopted by the board and shall state the classification of work the applicant desires to perform from a list of major classifications.

The Louisiana Business and Law course completion required for licensure as an electrical contractor in the State of Louisiana. The applicant must complete Louisiana's business and law course prior to being issued a license.

Scope of Work:

Louisiana Electrical Contractor means any person who undertakes to, attempts to, or submits a price or bid or offers to construct, supervise, superintend, oversee, direct, or in any manner assume charge of the construction, alteration, repair, improvement, movement, demolition, putting up, tearing down, or furnishing labor together with material and equipment, or installing the same for the wiring, fixtures, or appliances for the supply of electricity to any residential, commercial, or other project, when the cost of the undertaking exceeds the sum of ten thousand dollars.

Applications: A licensing application package can be obtained from and filed with: State Licensing Board for Contractors Post Office Box 14419 Baton Rouge, LA 70898-4419 Applications & Examining Fax: (225) 765-2690 Main Phone: (225) 765-2301 or by e-mail at (commercial application) or (residential application).

The Board has formal written reciprocal agreements with the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Utah as well as the North Carolina Electrical Examiners' Board. The Business and Law examination cannot be waived for out-of-state contractors. However, reciprocity is not automatic, applications will be considered individually. There is a 60-day waiting period for out-of-state contractors.

Out of state contractors will still be required to pass the Business and Law exam. The contractor must hold a current license for the last three consecutive year period from the current application date in a comparable classification within the state from which he is domiciled.

The applicant must have the contractor's licensing board of the state in which he is licensed complete a license verification form provided by the board.

For Continuing Education requirements, please check with the State of Louisiana.

A candidate may request three dates upon which he or she will be available to take the examination. An attempt will be made to accommodate the candidate. New applicants for licensure will be given priority in scheduling. Fees: The total fee for examination and licensing is $265 ($100 for license classification, $25 transaction fee, and $100 examination/verification fee). 

Electrical Exam Content:  Electrical Calculations, Grounding and Bonding, State and National and Accepted Standards, Recognizing Non-Compliant Code Items, Installation Safety, End-User Safety, Temporary Service, Temporary Power, Emerging Technologies, Diagrams and Schematics, Class 3 Wiring, Fire and Smoke Blocking Systems.

Testing information: Examinations will not be scheduled unless you submit your qualifying party application and required documentation.


***IMPORTANT REFERENCE MATERIAL INFORMATION***Not all the books listed under "Reference Materials" on this page are allowed into the exam.  The following are allowed to be used during the exam and will be provided at the test. National Electrical Code, 2008; Ugly's Electrical Reference, 2014; OSHA 29 CFR 1926; Lineman's and Cableman's Handbook.

The following downloadable document is also used during the exam.

The following books and documents are also needed to prepare for the exam but are not allowed to be used during the exam. Direct Current Fundamentals, 7th edition; Alternating Current Fundamentals, 7th edition; Electric Motor Control, Contractor's Guide to Business, Law & Project Management, Louisiana edition.

The following list of documents from the American Institute of Architects is also listed as study material: A-101, A-102, A-103, A-107, A-201, A-310, A-401, A-503, B-101, B-102. 


American Contractors offers a Louisiana Electrical Contactors seminar to prepare for the Louisiana State Electrical Contractor License exam.  We carry the approved references for the Louisiana Electrical Contractor exam. The holder of an Electrical Contractor license may own and operate a business engaged in the installation of electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, raceways and conduits.

  Seminar Price: $400.00  
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