SCOPE OF WORK COVERED: A Journeyman means a person who engages or offers to engage, either as an occupation or otherwise, in the construction, installation, alteration, maintenance, repair, remodeling or removal, and replacement of plumbing under the supervision, direction, and responsibility of a Master Plumber. A Journeyman may NOT pull permits or supervise other plumbers. If a Journeyman wants to run his own business, he must obtain a Master Plumber license or have a Master Plumber in his employ.

PRE-APPROVAL: The first step in the licensing process is to submit a completed application to the state licensing board. Applicants are encouraged to have studied and prepared for the exam when submitting an application, as they will be given the next available exam date upon approval and rescheduling is rather difficult.

BUSINESS LAW: There is not a separate Business and Law exam for this license.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Applicants are required to have at least two consecutive years of experience as an Apprentice Plumber to qualify for the Journeyman license.

FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS: There are no state-mandated minimum financial requirements for this license.

EXAM DETAILS: Exams are given monthly. A three-part exam is given with a 2.5-hour time limit for parts 1 and 2 combined and another 2.5-hour time limit for part 3. The first portion includes questions and written answers and drawings. The second portion is chart work. The third portion is a practical examination including both cast iron and copper work. The exam fee is $50. Results will be mailed to you two to four weeks after taking the exam.

EXAM CONTENT: Materials needed for project one of the practical portion of the exam: 1 piece of ¾” x 3’ copper tubing 1 ¾” copper male adapter 2 ¾” copper 45 degree fitting 1 ¾” copper 90 degree fitting 1 ¾” copper cap Solder flux Sand paper & fitting brushes Lead-free solder Tubing cutter Stick ruler or tape measure 9” level Torch Note: Be prepared to construct a 45-degree offset project with the above fittings Note: Safety glasses and shields will be provided. Materials needed for project two of the practical portion of the exam: 1 piece 4” x 10” extra heavy or service weight cast iron pipe with hub 1 piece 4” x 10” extra heavy or service weight cast iron pipe without hub (These pieces must be 20” overall when finished or 10 points will be deducted) Caulking tools (including hammer) Oakum 5 pound of pot lead (new) 9” level Note: A community lead pot and ladle will be provided at the exam site Note: The lead and oakum project is to conform to the step-by-step procedure given in the installation standards in the Kentucky State Plumbing Law, Regulations & Code Book. Note: Test takers are strongly encouraged to practice this project prior to the exam.

BOND / INSURANCE: No person, firm, or corporation shall engage in plumbing or engage in or work at the trade of plumbing unless the person, firm or corporation maintains general liability insurance in an amount not less than $250,000 and submits proof or compliance with workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance laws of Kentucky.

LICENSING FEE: There is a $60 license activation fee that is due after passing the exam.

PROCESSING TIME: The initial application processing takes 3 to 4 weeks. It will take 2 to 4 weeks to receive you exam results.

RECIPROCITY: The state of Kentucky has no formal reciprocity agreement for this license.


There is only only document that is needed to prepare for this exam. It is a downloadable document. To view and print it, simply select the button following the title. 2007 Kentucky Plumbing Law - Regulations and Code "" target=_blank>Click Here to Download.

We currently do not offer a seminar to prepare for this exam. We have several courses still under development so please continue to check back with us or call 1-800-992-1910 for more details.

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